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Starting anything new is hard.

Starting your graduate career at the same exact point as 400,000 other people is WAY harder.

Your final year can be stressful, trying to balance getting the grades you need with finding a job. It feels confusing, overwhelming and it's hard to figure out how to use the time you have effectively.

You know that competition is fierce for the best roles, but you're not sure how to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.

You want a well-paid job that supports your lifestyle and gives you security and independence...but you still want a life too.

I'm here to help you out with all that.

Hi, I'm Holly, and I specialise in coaching university leavers - both privately as well as supporting the Lancaster University careers team. I've seen first-hand how so many graduates aren't equipped with the knowledge of how to create a great CV and sell their skills at interview. And many are applying for role after role with nothing to show for it.

This is really worrying, and the numbers tell a frightening story.

74% of graduates are applying for roles with only very limited knowledge of what the company and role are like. Of those that are fortunate enough to get hired, the story doesn't end there - 68% of graduates admit joining the wrong employer, and 28% leave within 12 months.

I want you to be successful first time around.

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners."

Chicago Tribune

Are you fed up of

Feeling Like This...

I feel so demoralised - I've applied for 100 jobs, but never get to interview.

I'm always told there were stronger applicants than me - where am I going wrong?

I've just graduated but have no idea what sort of careers would be a good fit.

Competition seems really fierce out there - how do I make myself stand out?

I lack confidence and it's made worse seeing everyone else get a job before me.

I've got an assessment centre coming up and no idea what to expect. Help!

Interviews scare the life out of me - I'm worried I'll forget everything and look stupid.

I often get to interview but never get a job offer - where am I going wrong?

I need a really good CV and cover letter. I want to make sure I'm good to go

If so, then you've come to the right place. 

Beyond Campus graduate career coaching - all the essentials to 
land that dream

Let me explain

How It Works

As an experienced graduate careers coach, I know the essentials you need to get through the application process and impress at interview. 

My three core modules give you all the knowledge, skills and practice to succeed at the initial CV screening stage and turn the interview into a job offer. On top of this, I've developed some bonus coaching modules, so you can tailor your career journey with me to the areas where you feel you need additional support, guidance and feedback.

Beyond Campus takes you from a complete novice to ready for anything the recruitment process could throw at you, within just 30 days.

What you'll get on your 30-day journey:

1) A standout CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, tailored to your preferred roles

2) An in-depth understanding of the interview process and what to expect

3) Practice in answering general and competency questions confidently, with your own best examples

4) Your own personal coach to guide you through the process and keep you on track

5) All the tools and techniques to secure your dream job faster than your peers

Alongside proprietary coaching materials and tailored resources, Beyond Campus clients benefit from bespoke 1:1 support via Zoom, PLUS unlimited email support for 30 days after your first session - so you're never alone!

Here are the different areas you'll cover on your career journey with me:

Firstly, 3 core modules, essential for any graduate...


Module 1 - Deliver A Standout, Tailored CV

Deliver a professionally-written CV that appeals to automated recruitment software so you get prioritised for interview, and transforms your experience into a compelling business case that demonstrates why you are the IDEAL candidate for the role.


Module 2 - Create Bespoke Personal Branding

Receive an expertly-written LinkedIn profile that is tailored to your target roles and utilises LinkedIn as the ultimate self-marketing tool, alongside a first-class cover letter to evidence your skills and show the value you will add when hired.


Module 3 - Learn Fail-Safe Interview Techniques

Master how to confidently handle yourself at interview, learn my fail-safe framework to answer any competency-based questions and identify your key strengths, and tailor your own experiences to any question with your very own 'Talent Tracker Tool'. 

Plus, choose one FREE bonus module to complete your journey...

Discover Your 
Career Path

  • Deep-dive into your values, personality, interests and skills
  • Identify roles that are a good 'fit'
  • Personalised career profile

Shine At
Assessment Centres

  • Clarity on what tests and exercises to expect
  •  How to excel in any activity 
  • Become a 'networking ninja'

Impress In Your
First 90 Days

  • Understand your organisation
  • Cultivate powerful relationships
  • Perform and grow every day
  • Create your '30-60-90' day plan

Beyond Campus offers great value graduate career coaching at an all-in price of just

The session on interview prep was extremely helpful especially the 'Talent Tracker Tool' as that really helped me to isolate the key skills asked for and match the best of my examples to the said skills.

Azeez Soetan, Google

Yesterday I was offered an editing position with CGP!!!
Thank you so much for all your help, it 1000% helped me to do well in the interviews and assessment centres, and ultimately get a job!

Kelsey Hammond, CGP

 Holly guided me through interviews which had previously terrified me but, after a couple of sessions and a mock interview, got me feeling much more confident in my abilities. Thank you Holly!

Jenny Anderson, MSci Chemistry 

Beyond Campus is a

100% Risk-Free Investment

With so many of my coachees experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn with Beyond Campus graduate career coaching work, and that they have the power to land you your dream role. And I want you to feel really positive about making this investment in yourself and your future.

That’s why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If, after completing the work and 1:1 coaching sessions for your first two modules, you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your payment completely – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes.

That’s how confident I am in the quality of my coaching.

You were professional, friendly, good to talk to and really put me at ease. All of your resources are really helpful and it is fantastic to have something to take from the sessions to use in the future...

Bethany Easton, Lancaster Uni

With all the skills I learnt from Holly, my interview was successful, and I have been offered the role! I hugely recommend this service as I believe that Holly has taught me skills for life.

Natasha Livingstone, Remedi

I think the variety and amount of resources you provide to aid development is fantastic and your advice is very helpful as you tailor it to the individual, taking into consideration their personality and preferences.

Rhiannon Knowles,  FutureLearn

You got questions...

We Got Answers...

Graduate career coaching seems like a big investment, how can I justify the cost?

I get it, I do. But here's the thing: you have to invest in yourself in order to see results. Rather than continuing to take the scattergun approach to launching your career, it makes way more sense to buy a one-off, proven program that is specifically designed to help you create your future. And think about it - if our coaching gets you a role even just one week sooner than without us, you will have more than recouped your costs. Coaching will accelerate your progress and improve your chance of securing your dream role.

Can't I just figure this out myself?

Maybe. But the thing is, even if you only make one routine mistake in each interview, and even if you learn from it, it could still take you months before you land a role. But I've seen every mistake 50 times over and I can help prevent you making them in the first place. And yes Google's great - it will tell you how to craft a basic, workable CV, but not one specifically tailored to YOUR dream role. It will tell you common interview questions and sample responses, but not which of YOUR examples work best. It will tell you generic tips on how to present yourself at interview, but not what makes YOU unique and how to sell that. The internet is chock-full of stuff that is at best mediocre and worst contradictory and misleading, and it's only with our expert help that you can be sure you are following the right path through it. 

Plus, competition is fierce. 70% of students graduate with a 2:1 or a 1st. There are 75 applications for every graduate role. On paper many graduates look the same - standing out from your peers who have the same qualifications and experience is tough. Good grades aren't a winning ticket anymore. Be under no illusion, more and more graduates are seeing the benefits of coaching - and they're your competition so don't miss out. 

There are plenty of jobs around - surely I'll get one eventually?

Maybe you will. But not many jobs are truly fulfilling, and the ones that are go to those with an extra edge. And the people that go a really long way are those who figured out upfront what was right for them, and put the work in so that they were 100% prepared for the big day. 

Isn't it worth getting this right in the first place?

This is one of the most positive steps you can take towards your new life.

So what are you waiting for...?

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Beyond Campus offers great value graduate career coaching at an all-in price of just

"It's everything I wish I'd had when I was starting out"

Holly Ashford