When did being an introvert
suddenly become super-cool?

I remember back when extroverts were extroverts and introverts were…well, a bit odd.

Growing up as an introvert myself, I sometimes felt misunderstood by my extrovert peers. Introverts bore the labels of quiet, shy and passive and were rarely recognised for their innate traits of calm, thoughtfulness and introspection. It always seemed to me that being an extrovert was the ‘right’ way to be.

Then in 2012 Susan Cain published her ground-breaking book, ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’. Finally the whole world of introversion was being talked about - no longer weird, now just different…and interesting.

So interesting in fact that I have now started to meet extreme extroverts who are keen to emphasis their introversion tendencies, however spurious those claims may appear to be!

Now whilst this whole dimension of personality is on a spectrum, and only rarely would you be 100% one or the other, I found it interesting that in a world that values extroversion so highly, the tide seemed to have turned and my very extrovert friends now wanted to claim the ‘I’ label as their own.

Cool eh?

In reality, where you sit on this scale is what it is. You are who you are, and you’re unlikely to fundamentally change from one extreme to the other. The key though, is to recognise who you are and the strengths you possess, and learn how to shape a career that takes advantage of your unique personality and allows you to shine.

Maybe like my friends you’re an ‘introverted extrovert’, or even just a plain old extrovert, looking to find a career that involves teamwork, meeting people and lots of interaction.

Or, maybe you’ve been an introvert since before it was cool, but don’t feel you’ve found a role where you truly ‘fit’.

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